We are a Christian organisation all about biblical evangelism.

Sharing an Awesome Jesus

We are made up of a bunch of Kiwis scattered throughout New Zealand. Outreach2day recognizes the need for Christians to communicate the Gospel in a relevant manner with today’s society.

Discover an easier approach to evangelism. Through much trial and error, we have found a consistent way of sharing the Gospel, which is non-confrontational, culturally relevant and engages in real conversation.

We are not Bible bashing but rather aim to have down-to-earth conversations with others. Outreach2day strives to see Christians equipped with a Basic Gospel Outline and resources to do evangelism in today’s world.

There are no membership or joining fees. Christians, groups, and churches, from all walks of life use Outreach2day’s evangelism materialstraining and outreaches to share the Gospel in their local region.

Non-Profit Organisation

We are a non-profit organisation. We are overseen by a trust, and the day to day running of Outreach2day it and is staffed by unpaid volunteers. It is our policy to rely on God to provide our needs and not actively ask for donations or sponsorship.

Team of Regional Coordinators

Our New Zealand Coordinators are all unpaid volunteers who facilitate outreaches and have many years evangelism experience. They assist individuals, groups, and churches from all walks of life to share the Gospel. Their services are free of charge.


Outreach2day Learn. Practice. Do. Evangelism



Outreach2day can help you learn a Basic Gospel Outline, so you can put the Gospel message into words.


Outreach2day offers you online evangelism training, so you can practice the Basic Gospel Outline. Once trained, you will be ready to share the Gospel in everyday life.


Outreach2day offers real life outreach events so you can watch and observe the Basic Gospel Outline being presented to others in everyday life. You will quickly see how much other people enjoy having spiritual conversations with us. Outreach2day can support and mentor you or your group on outreach, until you are comfortable and ready to share the Gospel with confidence.


Is Evangelism it still relevant today?


“You do not have to look very far to see people living with broken lives, without hope, living in spiritual darkness, without the prospect of eternal life. These people are in need of a Saviour.

They need to know the love, hope and forgiveness that can be found through repentance, believing and trusting God in every area of their lives. They need to know how to find freedom from Satan, sin and death and hell. They need to know about a life-giving relationship with God.

If you do not share the Gospel, with your family, friends and your city, who will?”


Our Christian Values and Beliefs


We have put together a statement that spells out our fundamental Christian values, which we think are pretty important in this day and age, especially when the term ‘Christian’ means so many different things to people.

We value diversity in God’s Kingdom and enjoy working in unity alongside individuals/groups/churches from a wide range of denominational backgrounds. Finally, we ask anyone doing outreach with us not to contravene our Statement of Faith.


Find out more about our Vision and Mission or check out our approach to evangelism.

We should not ask, “What is wrong with the world?” for that diagnosis has already been given. Rather, we should ask, “What has happened to the salt and light?”
— John R. W. Stott


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Go into all the World

Mark 16:15

… Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.