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Confidence Booster

-Renee January 8, 2017

Well the Central Hawkes Bay newbies are feeling very pleased with themselves. A year ago some of our team said they didn’t have an evangelism bone in their body. Others said the Good Person Test Flipcharts weren’t their style! Yet 3 weeks ago…we found ourselves with 5 great teachers sharing the Gospel with the Flipcharts. It was fantastic to have (the Outreach2day team) run through the Flipcharts and watch their different styles. We had a go. They picked up the pieces..!!! I personally went thru the Flipcharts with 3 lots of people and all 3 were very receptive, touched and wanted to know more. All of us felt exhilarated and realised how far we had come in our ability to share the Gospel.

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Minibook results in Bible studies

A.B January 8, 2017

We went door knocking in New Plymouth. A young woman answered. After chatting and showing her the Outreach2day Minibook, it became clear she did not know Jesus.Tammy expressed an interest in doing a Bible study in her home and asked if someone could come on Wednesday nights. Bible Studies are conducted in conjunction with a local church

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Minibook Lying Around in Car

B.D January 8, 2017

I had a Minibook lying around in my car. A friend spotted it and asked what it was. So I shared the Gospel using the Minibook. Several weeks later I received a text. This same girl had been watching the Christchurch earthquake on T.V. and realised she was not right with God and could die at any time. In a follow-up call, she let me know that she had repented and given her life to God. I arranged discipling for her at a local church in the city where she lived.

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Flipchart is Super Memorable

E.H January 8, 2017

Three years ago Joe came up to my Flipchart at the Mount and I shared the Gospel message with him. He was into drugs and no longer welcome in his hometown. Then two years ago on outreach Joe approached me to talk further about Jesus.Yesterday, I was sharing the Gospel in Hamilton. Joe came up especially to tell me he was now back living in Hamilton and attending church.

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I used to be shy!

Annemarie Dawson (RIP) January 14, 2017

I used to be shy and could not talk to people. After attending an Outreach2day seminar I was stirred to go out and win souls. I found myself bold. Praise God!

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Able to Present the Gospel Clearly

Shmuel B. (Israel) January 14, 2017

Shalom! We went out last night on the beach front in Bat Yam, our city. At first, it seemed that the “method” worked better in Tel Aviv, but then the surprises came! For an hour and half, I had almost constant conversations with people and was able to present the gospel in a clear and friendly way. It was all very amazing. What impresses me is that this simple method draws people in and presents a friendly non-offensive way of sharing. Outreach2day thanks so much for coming. Please pray for our work. We go out every other Friday evening.