The Children’s Flipchart is a fantastic tool to share the Gospel with kids in a fun and friendly manner. As the pages are slowly turned over, the child is progressively introduced to the 10 Commandments and the Gospel. The charts are designed for children 8-13 years of age.

Flipchart – Children’s Edition

The Children’s Flipchart

The Flipchart is a non-invasive, non-intrusive, and non-confrontational tool for sharing the Gospel. The Children’s Flipchart is based on the Good Person Test, but the kids can call it the Good Person Quiz. It’s a whole heap of fun! It’s got some great characters on the cover page. We flip through and introduce the children to the ten commandments (God’s Law) via the pictures on each of the flipchart pages. This can lead to some really interesting questions and discussions with the kids.

As we finish talking about the commandments, we (and the kids) realise that perhaps we aren’t as good as we thought we were. Do we deserve to go to heaven or not?

We are then lead to be able to share with the kids the Gospel story. This is through our cross page which is fun for the kids and helpful for the presenter through visual cues. There are a lot of elements that help remind you how to share all of the elements of the Gospel with the children.

Children’s Flipchart Pages

Below is a set of Children’s Flipchart pages.The pages are a great tool to engage people in conversation. The Basic Gospel Outline used with the Flipchart pages is found in our Outreach Training Handbook.


Children’s Flipchart Versions

The Full-Size Children’s Flipchart

The large Childen’s Flipchart is shoulder height and sits on a metal stand. These are designed to be used in public places. People come up to these charts to discover what they are all about.


The Children’s Mini Flipchart

The Children’s Mini Flipchart is a small handheld size chart made from strong waterproof material. It is designed for more low-key conversations e.g. not with a big group of kids.


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