The Children’s “Good Person Quiz” Minibook is an A6 pocket-sized child’s version of the Basic Gospel Outline. The Minibook is durable and reusable, so it can be used to share the Gospel many times over. The pages contain a fantastic set of images which are colourful and fun.

The Minibook – Children’s Edition

The Children’s Minibook


The Children’s Minibook contains the Gospel message, based on the Good Person Quiz. It’s a fun and colourful handbook, which contain prompts right throughout to help you easily and concisely present the Gospel message to kids. It’s small and can fit in your pocket or purse. Wherever you are travelling you can take a copy.

This handheld resource is fantastic with children, we call it the Good Person Quiz Mini Book. This is essentially exactly the same as the Children’s Flipchart, but they have word prompts on the side.

You can take this and practice using it. The keyword prompts are a great way jog your memory for what you have to say. The sentence starters help to introduce each page which is great for learning and practising the script at home.

Once you are comfortable with the resource you could use it with children in small groups or one on one. Another way to use this is in conjunction with our Children’s Flipchart, as you can use the prompt to help learn the Flipchart script for yourself.

Easy Key Word Prompts


Inside the Children’s Mini Book are keyword prompts which will help you remember what comes next so you can keep on track. The keyword prompts that go alongside the pictures are just a guide. You can choose to conceal the keyword prompts if you wish.


How to Use the Children’s Minibook

For the full script to use with the Children’s Minibook, you will need the Basic Gospel Outline found in our Outreach Training Handbook or visit our Children’s Mini Book Training


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This Children’s Minibook can be purchased from our Online Store.

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