The Flipchart is a set of pages based on the Basic Gospel Outline. The Flipchart is a colourful, fun, non-confrontational tool for sharing the Gospel. A truly fantastic tool for evangelism.

Flipchart Evangelism

The Flipchart

The Flipchart is a heap of fun to use on the street or in public places. It’s a set of pages on a good solid stand. It lets people know that you are there to share something with them. Its colourful pages naturally draw people in without you having to approach them.

We let people know up front that we will ask them some questions based on the 10 Commandments to see whether or not they are a good person. Most people think they are!

We work through the pages which touch on some of the 10 commandments. This quickly reminds people that they are not so good after all. Like all of us, they are in trouble! We show them their need for the Gospel.

We are able to share with them God’s balance of love and justice. We can then share how putting their trust in Christ alone they can forgive them for their sins. The unsaved are invited to move out from the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light. Does it work?

Flipchart Pages

Below is a typical set of Flipchart pages.The pages are a great tool to engage people in conversation. The Basic Gospel Outline used with the Flipchart pages is found in our Outreach Training Handbook.


An example set of pages contained in a ‘typical’ flipchart. More page designs available from our online store.

Flipchart Accessories

Flipcharts, stands, bags, Tbars, pages and pre-assembled kits are available from our online store.

Flipchart Versions

The Large Flipchart

The large Flipchart is shoulder height and sits on a metal stand. These are designed to be used in public places. People come up to these charts to discover what they are all about.


The Mini Flipchart

The Mini Flipchart is a small handheld size flipchart made from durable waterproof material. It is designed for more intimate one to one conversations e.g. at a coffee shop.



Evangelism Quick Links




Go into all the World

Mark 16:15

… Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.

What Others Have to Say

First Time Flipchart Users

“I was scared at the beginning, but the pictures helped me”

“The first time I was afraid I would forget a part of the message, but after doing it a while you get a style for what you say. It’s personal for you. The different pictures really help remind you”

 “I was pretty nervous, but you just work you way through and everything is there that needs to be presented”

“It was scary, but you feel really good afterward”

“It’s interesting seeing the different responses from people, some thought you could earn your salvation” 

“Today was my first time doing Flipcharts, It was a very positive experience. I would encourage anyone to give it a go”


Why Use a Flipchart?

“It’s fun, it’s colorful, it’s engaging. People want to come and talk to you”

“It takes away the awkwardness of approaching someone. You can use the chart to bounce off and be comfortable”

“They are free to leave anytime, they don’t feel trapped. If people aren’t interested they will just walk past, but if they are interested they will just come up”

“Just let God show you what to say. It’s good for building up your confidence. It opens up really great conversation out there on the street”

“Having pictures help me to start conversations. It takes the focus off me, and puts the focus on the picture. It gives me guidance, where to go to next and keeps me on track because I tend to waffle”

“I don’t have to do it on my own, I can work with another person”

“There’s no confrontation at all, you’re not eyeballing the other person and getting into a discussion. Having a presentation to go through is great, otherwise, you end up defending your faith on the back foot. Whereas if you have a presentation you can actually present your faith. I like how the Flipchart outlines the key points, but you put your own flavour and personality into it.”

“I love using the Flipchart, it’s the most amazing simple easy tool to use for sharing the Gospel. It’s great”

“We get to go out into the world and share the word of Christ with people and pray for them and see their lives changed for eternity”


Buy Your Own Flipchart Set

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Some wish to live within the sound of a chapel bell; I wish to run a rescue mission within a yard of hell.
— C.T. Studd