Gospel Leaflets (Christian Tracts) are designed to be given away. They reinforce and provide further clarity to a Gospel presentation.


Gospel Leaflets – Mr Nice Guy

Gospel Tract/Leaflet

Gospel Leaflets are often known as Gospel Tracts. We refer to them as leaflets because many people nowadays do not know what a “tract” is. A Gospel Leaflet is a single leaf of paper which unfolds to reveal the Gospel Message. It is an inexpensive message designed to be given away for free. 

Mr Nice Guy Cartoon

Mr Nice Guy is Outreach2day’s Gospel leaflet of choice to use. It’s cartoon design is fun and colourful, making it easy for anybody to read. The leaflet uses our Gospel Outline in the form a ‘Good Person’ narrative. The cartoon helps the reader to understand that they perhaps are not the Mr Nice Guy that they presume that they are, and therefore are desperately in need of a saviour. 


How to Use Gospel Leaflets

  • Gospel Leaflets can be given away to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

  • To give out Gospel Leaflets on the street… Holding out your hand and say,
    “Did you get one of these?”
    “No, what is it?”
    “It is a Gospel Leaflet. Have you seen one before? ”
    “Would you like me to explain it to you?”
    …And there you have it -a perfect lead in to introduce the Gospel message.
    or you can just give them out with a smile.

  • The Gospel Leaflet can then be given to an inquirer to take home after seeing a Flipchart Presentation.

  • Try leaving them where others will find them! Put them in letterboxes, inside a book you are loaning to a friend, second-hand clothing… you are only limited by your imagination.


Do Gospel Tracts Work

Find out what happens when Mr Genor from George Street Australia gave away Gospel Leaflets every day.

Our Experiences

We were on outreach in Christchurch when a gentleman came up wearing a large coat. He said he had been given a Gospel Leaflet fifteen years ago and had been wanting to find someone who could explain it to him more fully.. Believe it or not the gentleman still had this very same Gospel Leaflet in his coat pocket. He got it out, and I was able to explain the Gospel of the Kingdom to Him more fully.
– C.D. 2009

“I passed an Indian gentleman looking at a Gospel Leaflet someone else had given him. I offered to explain it to him. He looked up and said “I am trying to work out how I get from the side where I do not know God to the side where I can know God”. I showed him how. He prayed, and then asked if I could get him the scriptures in Hindi. I called someone else from our outreach nearby over. “Yes” he said, ‘ not only can I get you the scriptures in Hindi but we share the same train stop and I can take you to church where there is an Indian group in our congregation.” This gentleman had himself spent some time in India. All this came about because someone had given this gentleman one Gospel Leaflet”
– A.M. 2009

A text received from a person who received a Gospel Leaflet with a phone Number on the back.”Hey C. my name is D.P. I got a pamphlet just wondering how you can prove God is real?”
– D.P 30.4.12
(D.P sent C his name and address and was happy to be sent a free book)


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