We are a Christian organisation all about biblical evangelism.


Vision and Mission

We long to see the unsaved led to Christ, to be saved and planted in a local church to be discipled.


Evangelism Resources

We created resources to share the Gospel easily.


Gospel Outline

We’ve put together a Basic Gospel Outline which is foundational to Outreach2day’s resources and training.


New Zealand Christian Evangelism Network

Spread the Gospel

We warmly invite you to consider our non-confrontational evangelism method of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Most people come to us to chat. When people talk to us on an outreach we find that they are more likely to have genuine down to earth conversations.

Easy to Use Resources

Our visual resources draw people in, creating conversations and enabling you to tell the entire gospel message in one go. Our most popular resource is our Flipchart, which is a very effect communication tool, we have countless testimonials from all over New Zealand. See our amazing Flipcharting evangelism tool.

Share With Confidence

Shy or new to evangelism? We provide a full range of training options and a number of resources to fully equip you to share the Gospel with confidence. We welcome all believers to come join us on our regular outreaches. Find out how you can share the Gospel with confidence.

Flipchart Evangelism Works

Watch Chris as he introduces our flipchart resource

Gospel Presentation Using a Flipchart

  • Reach people who have never heard the gospel

  • Non-confrontational (people come up to you!)

  • Visually creative, fun and interactive for everyone

  • Easy to do, very simple to remember

  • It works, proven time and time again

  • See lost souls saved, planted in churches and discipled

  • Flipcharting: Find Out More 

Learn about our mission and vision for evangelism or find out how our evangelism method works.

Evangelism is not a spectator sport. We are all called to get into the game. God invites every follower of Jesus to get off the sidelines and onto the field.
— Kevin G. Harney


Evangelism Quick Links




Go into all the World

Mark 16:15

… Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.