Definition: Outreach [v. out-reech]
Verb. actively speaking and sharing the Gospel with others.


Sharing the Gospel

Outreaches are a simple and fun way to practically share the Gospel no matter where you are. An outreach is often lead by an Outreach2day coordinator, although can be lead by any believer. They usually consist of a small group of Christians who meet up at a public location. Group sizes typically range from 2-10 people.

We meet together in public, such as town squares, agricultural shows, beaches etc. all across New Zealand. We start with group prayer, which is often followed by a quick training session which is perfect for newbies, and also gives the entire group a refresher of our Gospel Outline.

We then spread out (often in pairs) and set up our resources, such as our Flipchart which is one of our most widely used and most effective evangelism resources. Our resources are designed to be non-confrontational, so we literally wait for people to come up to us to ask about our Flipchart, which opens the door for us to share the Gospel.

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What to Expect on an Outreach

Outreach2day warmly invites all Christians to join us on an outreach. See for yourself first-hand just how effective our Resources are and how genuine our faith sharing conversations can be. Our fresh new approach to New Zealand Evangelism sees real people being lead to Christ and planted in churches.

For those who are comfortable, we welcome them to host their own outreaches. If you are just new, or curious we encourage you to come and observe us at an outreach. We look forward to chatting with you.

See us in action or read about our recent activity in our Recent Highlights Section.


7 Reasons to Join Us at an Outreach

There are many reasons why Christians all over New Zealand have decided to be apart of our regular outreaches. We want to give every kiwi the chance to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Here are 7 more reasons you should decide to give us a go:

  1. Learn to effectively share the Gospel in normal everyday words

  2. Gain confidence in sharing your faith

  3. Receive free support and mentoring

  4. Have real life opportunities to share Jesus

  5. Experience people being introduced to Christ

  6. Be amazed at how fun and easy our resources are to use

  7. Get alongside other like-minded people


Getting Started

Let’s get you started,  find your nearest local Outreach.


We have a saving, delivering God who is going to save others in this city.
— Matt Chandler


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Go into all the World

Mark 16:15

… Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.